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Noun: A glass container in which plants are placed to grow.

Pronounced: TE- RAir-E-Um

But you can call it whatever you want: terraanium (most common answer), titanium, terradoobrywotsit... Just remember two things:

1 they are easy to care for 

2 we do workshops where you can make one to take home



All our terrariums are completely unique and designed carefully to be very low maintenance. 

We add a carefully selected and tested balance of nutrients, plants, substrates and micro organisms to give you the best chance at keeping them healthy for longer. 

All plants grow so will occasionally need pruning to keep them looking their best and keep them healthy. 

Put them where the sun doesn't shine (directly). Avoid direct sunlight and keep them away from any heat source. If you see lots of condensation on the glass tilt the cork to vent for 24hrs. 

Add water just a few times a year (at the most) until a pool begins to gather at the bottom of the pot. The substrates will then work their magic and push water back to the plants. 


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