hugo & green is driven by a life-long passion of mine – nature. I’ve always been happiest when surrounded with living things. As a child I kept succulents and cacti, trailing plants and ferns. I’ve always struggled with depression and found that plants and animals in my home could help to lift my mood; the distraction of caring for something that needed me, took me away from the dark thoughts. Simply enjoying looking at and being surrounded by life could rejuvenate me. Believe it or not I could watch a plant for hours!

Being surrounded by plants can improve concentration and calm the mind. All plants produce oxygen, and many remove toxins from the air. All our plants are carefully selected to be easy to care for and give you maximum benefit. Healthy happy plants for a healthy happy Living Room. 


I have always given others house plants as presents. I’ve watched them bring joy over the years to my friends and family. It is a gift that I recognise each time I visit, and that they use to remember me. It is a wonderful thing to see the plant grow with our friendships. When you buy a plant for someone they take extra care of it because they see you each time they look at it. Friends who ‘always kill plants’ suddenly become wonderful plant parents and enjoy it too.


We’re all spending more time at home and many of us don’t have gardens. Creating a calming and inspiring space to live and work is easy to achieve by simply adding plants.


There is a plant for every space and every taste, full sun or low light, all year round, plants bring life to your home.

Our aim is to bring nature into your home. Easy to care for and the right plant for your space.